Welcome Seattle!

Welcome Seattle!

October 04, 2023

We are thrilled to announce that Seattle Harrison has joined our team as the new Director of Getting it Done! She takes that title from Chris, who is now our Chief Improvement Officer (more on that in a bit). Seattle came to JBW in early September and has already become a seamless part of our team. With her knack for the nitty gritty and her excitement for efficiency, Seattle will be helping Andy with financial planning, Chris with portfolio management, Allison with client servicing, and take on many of the systems and technology responsibilities from Jessica. Seattle will play an integral part in implementing upcoming systems upgrades such as a new client portal, new financial planning software, and new reporting engine – improvements that you will hear more about over the next few months.

Seattle and her husband KJ have four sons, Maverick (4), Manhattan (3), Eddie (almost 2), Zeke (4 months), and currently live in Fort Myers, Florida. Seattle brings positivity, a sense of humor, and a can-do-it spirit to all she does and is an absolute delight to have on the team! Please join us in welcoming her to the JBW family!

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With Seattle’s arrival, it is allowing both Andy and Chris to focus more on serving our families and the strategic direction of our firm. Chris’s new title, Chief Improvement Officer, speaks to his quest to improve the lives of the families we serve. It also describes his pursuit for continuous improvement at JBW, in both the operational and investment arenas. We continue to be excited about the future of JBW as we equip ourselves to live out our purpose – guiding families to fulfillment.