Time-Tested and Evidence-Based

"In investing, simplicity trumps complexity."


We spend time at the beginning of a relationship to ensure we have the right mix of growth and preservation based on your preferences and personal situation. We then build portfolios with investments that are liquid, low-cost, transparent, easy to execute (no administrative or tax complications), simple enough to understand, and proven over long periods of time.

We manage the portfolio in a tax-smart way and leverage our work with you on the front-end to help you avoid poor decisions along the way…even when markets get scary. The end goal is an efficient and effective portfolio that fits you while helping you to achieve your long-term goals.

Simply put, here are the main tenets of our investment philosophy:

We apply our philosophy and a healthy dose of common sense to our investment process outlined below.

Step 1 - Explore the Right Allocation for You

  • Desire to take risk
  • Ability to take risk
  • Financial goals
  • Time horizon

Step 2 - Implement a Strategy Tailored to You

  • Allocation
  • Tax situation
  • Account type (taxable, tax-deferred, or tax-free)
  • Low-cost vehicles (mutual funds and ETFs)

Step 3 - Manage and Adjust Given Your Circumstances

  • Minimize costs
  • Minimize taxes
  • Stress test
  • Inform and educate
  • Adjust based on personal factors

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